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School of Division of General Studies
Jung-yun Kim

Assistant Professor / UNIST



Name Jeongyeon Kim
School Division of General Studies
Title Assistant Professor
Phone(+82-52-217-) 2013
E-mail [email protected]
Homepage http://www.unist.ac.kr/professor/jkim


Research Interest
Second language teaching/learning; Instructional technology and Language Learning; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics; Conversation analysis; Discourse analysis

Prominent Research Achievements

Kim, J. (2009). L2 Learners’ uses of cultural tools of authority during synchronous computer-mediated communication.영어어문교육,15(1), 49-70.
Kim, J. (2008). Negotiation and Power in a Child’s Second Language Learning. 영어어문교육,14(2), 87-108.
Kim, J. (2008). Nonnative Speakers’ Uses of “Yeah” and “Kin’of” as/in Corrective Actions. 사회언어학, 16(1), 25-46.
Kim, J. (2008). Resolution of Reference-related Problems in L2. 영미어문학, 86, 173-200.
Kim, J. (2007). Doing self-corrections in L2: Interactions between Korean TAs and American students. 영어교육, 62(3), 125-151.
Kim, J. (2005). Direct Corrections and Power in Lab Hour Interactions: Nonnative Teaching Assistants and Native Students. Texas Linguistic Forum 48: 103-114. Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Symposium about Language and Society-Austin. April 16-18, 2004.
Kim, J. (2000). Book review-The non-native teacher. Texas Papers in Foreign Language Education, 5/1, 223-224.